Manufacturer and Exporters of Fastners

Stainless steel grades undergo passivation treatment to reduce the chemical reactivity on its surface by removal of free ions on the surface of stainless steel with the help of  nitric or citric acid. Once the free ions are removed from the layer of the fasteners, there is a formation of a thin, inert passivate oxide layer formed. This resultant layer prevents oxidation of the Passivated Stainless Steel Fasteners, thereby preventing corrosion or rusting. we are one of the largest stainless steel fasteners manufacturers in india

Types of Fastners


Carriage Bolts

Hex Head Bolts 

Machine Screws

Shoulder Bolts

Socket Cap Screws

Socket Set "Grub" Screws

Square Head Bolts

Types of Screws

Deck Screws

Hex Lag Screws

Self-Drilling Screws

Sheet Metal Screws

Wood Screws

Types of Nuts

Cap Nuts

Castle Nuts

Coupling Nuts

Flange Serrated Nuts

Hex Finish Nuts

Hex Jam Nuts

Heavy Hex Nuts

Hex Machine Nuts

Hex Machine Nuts Small Pattern

Keps-K Lock Nuts

Knurled Thumb Nuts

Nylon Hex Jam Nuts

Nylon Insert Lock Nuts

Prevailing Torque Lock Nuts

Slotted Hex Nuts

Square Nuts

Structural Heavy Hex Nuts


Break Away or Shear Nuts

Tri-Groove Nuts

Wing Nuts

Types of Washers

Backup Rivet Washers

Belleville Conical Washers

dock washers

Fender Washers

Fender Washers - Extra Thick

Finishing Cup Washers

Flat Washers

Flat Washers - Extra Thick

Flat Washers - Military Standard

Flat Washers - 900 Series

Lock Washers - Split Ring

Lock Washers - High Collar

Lock Washers - External Tooth

Lock Washers - Internal Tooth

NAS Washers

Neoprene EPDM Washers

Structural Washers

Square Washers

Types of Rivets

POP Rivets (Open End)

Closed End POP Rivets (Sealed)

Large Flange POP Rivets

Countersunk POP Rivets

Colored Rivets

Multi-Grip Rivets

Structural Rivets

Tri-Fold Rivets

Types of Concrete Anchors

Acoustical Wedge Anchors

Drop In Anchors

Double Expansion Shield Anchors

Hammer Drive Pin Anchors

Kaptoggle Hollow Wall Anchors

Lag Shield Expansion Anchors

Masonry Screws

Plastic Toggle Anchors

Sammys Screws

Sleeve Anchors

Toggle Wing Hollow Wall Anchors

Wedge Anchors

machine screw anchors

Types of Inserts

Dowel Pins

Helicoil Threaded Inserts

E-Z Lok Threaded Inserts

Sammys Screws

Sleeve Anchors

Unthreaded Rod

Types of Retaining Rings

Bowed-E Retaining Rings

E-Style Retaining Rings

External Shaft Retaining Rings

Internal Housing Retaining Rings

A fastener is a hardware device that mechanically joins or affixes two or more objects together. In general, fasteners are used to create non-permanent joints; that is, joints that can be removed or dismantled without damaging the joining components.

fasteners include: nuts and bolts, screws, pins and rivets; examples of integral joints include: seams, crimps, snap-fits and shrink-fits. Some form of mechanical joining needs to be used where products need to be taken apart during their normal life, e.g. where repair or maintenance is likely.