Extruded Steel Pipes

We offer Hot extrusion billet of seamless steel pipe can be forged billet, rolled billet, slab, billet centrifugal casting and so on. Short or long blank blank in the machine shop after peeling, sawing, drilling deep holes, after turning face and chamfering into the extrusion line.

Freedom of Design

In contrast to standard specified shapes by rolling process, hot extruded shapes combine both decorative and structural functions that allow the design of structural members that permit optimal originality and freedom in building design.

Extruded Steel Pipes Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

Hot extruded shapes are produced by means of the hot extrusion method. In this method, round billets are heated to around 1,200˚C, and then hot extruded through dies mechanically processed into diverse configurations. The hot extruded shapes thus obtained are then subjected to tensile straightening and other finishing processes to produce the final product.

Accordingly, the hot extrusion process is suitable for producing shapes of complex configuration, multiple-grade / small-lot shapes, and difficult-to-process materials.

Hot extruded steel pipe is used in the production of hot extrusion process to manufacture seamless steel tubes. Hot extrusion is widely used in the production of aluminum, copper and other nonferrous metals pipes and profiles. Hot extrusion of steel for the production of both special pipes and profiles, it is difficult to use for the production of cold extrusion or extrusion of solid and warm center of the hole (through hole or blind hole) carbon steel and alloy steel parts, such as a rod having a thick head, barrel, containers, etc. Hot extrusion of dimensional accuracy and surface finish better than hot forging parts, but still need to go through with the part of the general finishing or machining.

Hot extrusion technology is a kind of the metal above the recrystallization temperature of extrusion, the tube billet from a die extrusion, in order to get die shape cross section pipe metal forming method. In the hot extrusion process (from the pipe to arakawa tube), the tube billet are deformation under the three to compressive stress state. This not only can solve the problem of less-deformable steel pipe forming, but also can avoid tubes inside and outside the surface defects caused by tensile stress. So hot extrusion molding method is particularly suitable for all kinds of alloy steel, stainless steel, high strength steel, nickel base superalloy profiles, such as pipe forming.