We are manufactures of all types of anchors.The anchor is set by hammering the steel pin into the anchor body. As the nail pushes through the anchor body, the split part expands to push against the interior wall of the hole in the base material. The hole diameter to be drilled for the hammer drive anchor is equal to the diameter of the anchor being used.

There are three main types of threaded fastenerBoltsScrews and Studs. Bolts have a head on one end (this is usually a hex head) and are threaded on the other. They are generally used in conjunction with a nut (and sometimes a washer) to hold them in place.

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Acoustical Wedge Anchors

Masonry acoustical wedge anchors are used to anchor and secured suspended wire to solid or hollow masonry materials. The fastener is inserted into the pre-drilled hole and then struck with a hammer which extends the wedge to hold the anchor in place.

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Drop In Anchors

Drop in anchors are internally threaded anchors that are commonly installed overhead and flush with the surface of the concrete. These anchors are commonly used to create handrails, lighting fixtures and many other fixtures. They require a setting tool for installation.

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Double Expansion Shield Anchors

Double expansion shield anchors are made for installing in softer materials or those of questionable quality. Their entire length expands in the hole to create a very secure hold. This expansion maximizes friction and hold on the installation material.

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Hammer Drive Pin Anchors

These anchors are used for lighter loads than other types of concrete anchors. Drive pins attach fixtures to masonry materials. A hammer is driven into the exposed head of the drive pin. This expands the base inside of the masonry material creating a hold.the base inside of the masonry material creating a hold.

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Kaptoggle Hollow Wall Anchors

Kaptoggle hollow wall anchors are installed through a hole in walls or block. Then a machine screw is screwed into the provided threading resulting in a secure hold. Kaptoggle wall anchors are proven to have better holding power than conventional types of hollow wall fasteners.

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Lag Shield Expansion Anchors

These anchors are shielded expansion anchors used to hold lag screws. They expand outwards as lag screws are driven into them. This expansion presses against the installation surface creating a tight, secure hold. They also have a very precise internal threading to allow the installation lag bolt to turn easily.

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Machine Screw Anchors

Concrete masonry anchors, also known as Tapcons, cut threads into concrete, brick or block when installed. Extended corrosion protection is gained from the blue climaseal coating. No hole spotting or inserts required.

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Plastic Toggle Anchors

Plastic toggle anchors are used in hollow wall or cinder block to create a fastening point for sheet metal screws. These anchors have legs that fold to enter a pre-drilled hole that expand when a screw is driven into them. Once the legs are fully expanded, the toggle anchor is securely in place.

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Sammys Screws

Sammy Screws are used with threaded rod and save time by drilling into masonry materials. They have a female threaded portion to accept the threaded rod into it. Sammys are installed either vertically or horizontally and are commonly used due to their lower installation costs, flexibility and ease of use.

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Sleeve Anchors

Concrete masonry sleeve anchors consist of a threaded stud with an outwardly flared cone-shaped end, with a nut and a washer on the end. Tightening of the nut pulls the stud end into the expander sleeve, wedging it outwards and locking the anchor into the base material. Made for hollow concrete applications (ex. cinderblocks).

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Toggle Wing Hollow Wall Anchors

Toggle Wings are used in situations when installing through a material. The wing can be bent in half and pushed through the material. Once it is all the way through the material it expands and can be screwed into to hold things in place against the rear side of the material.

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Wedge Anchors

Concrete masonry wedge anchors are used to anchor and secure material and equipment to solid concrete masonry surfaces (ex. concrete slabs). Comprised of an anchor, a nut and a washer. Used to fasten concrete to equipment, materials, generators, motors, pumps, pipe, strut, plastics and wood.